How to and where to back your data for free?


How to and where to back your data for free?

May 5, 2015
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It is not just you but almost everyone feels guilty of not taking a backup only after the hard drive crashes. Images, Documents, Invoices and a whole lot more are scattered across different drives in your computer and sometimes in more than one device. So now is the right time to know your options to back up these files and reserve it to restore on the day of disaster.

Data Backup

So you have got three options to do a quick backup of your files:

External Hard Disk Drive

This is the most simplest way to back up your data. All you need to do is select the files that you need to back up from the windows explorer, copy them and paste them on your external hard drive. You need not want to setup your drive as it is an USB drive which is plug and play type.

However, be sure to look at the wide variety of storage devices in the market. Unless physically damaged all the external storage devices shall lost for more than 10 years. So, it will be good if you pay attention to drives that are shock proof, fire proof and water proof.

Cloud Storage

Storing files in the cloud is the most recent and a very effective method to back up your files. There are a wide variety of cloud storage services like the One Drive, Drop Box and Google Drive that allows you to store a limited amount of data for free by simply signing up for the service. Extensive storage is available at a minimal monthly or yearly fee. Cloud storage has become one of the preferred storage options as it has options to back up data automatically if your Internet connection is active and is not prone to any types of physical damage. Moreover, files on the cloud shall be accessed from anywhere with the required login credentials.

Complete System Backup

While the above mentioned methods of backup allows users to select only a specific set of files to be backed up, a complete system backup is scheduled and backups the whole of your computer. This method takes a disk image of all your settings and files in your computer and will be make your computer up and running if the previous hard drive crashes or fails to load. But this method requires software to backup data. Though Windows provides an inbuilt software to schedule a system back up there are also other software programs available to do a disk copy with free and paid options.

However, in case if you fail to backup your files and your hard drive failed to load, feel free to contact our tech support agents at (614)-656-3066.

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