How to configure the Windows 10 Email app


How to configure the Windows 10 Email app

August 15, 2015

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Windows 10 Email app has been one of the most liked apps that is added to the latest version of Windows. We have shown here on how to add a POP3 email account to this new mail app:

Windows 10 Email app

  1. Open the email app from the start menu.
  2. Click on the setting icon on the left side corner of the window and choose accounts from the pop up on the right side.
  3. Now you shall see the list of accounts linked to the email app. In this case you will not have any. So click on Add account.
  4. Choose the ‘Advanced Setup’ option as we are going to configure a POP3 based email account.
  5. Now select the option which says ‘Internet Email’.
  6. Now enter the account name and your name in the following screen. You will have to get these information from your mail service provider.
  7. Now enter the username and password of your email account.
  8. Choose the account type as POP3 and enter the incoming email server address which again should have been obtained from your service provider.
  9. Check the require SSL boxes only if the incoming and outgoing mail needs authentication and then click on sign-in.

If your email is verified, then you are all set to go and use the email app to send and received your emails. However, in case you receive any errors after click on sign-in then you may need to verify the settings with your mail service provider or contact us for help.

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