How to ensure if your computer has a faulty RAM?


How to ensure if your computer has a faulty RAM?

July 30, 2015
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RAM or the memory is one of the most important hardware components of a computer which when turns faulty will immediately reflect on the performance of the computer. In case, your computer has only one memory chip, then in most cases the computer will not boot to the windows, but if your computer has more than one memory chip then it will be a bit tricky to find. Let’s try few things to check if your computer has a faulty memory installed.

Faulty Memory

  1. Check if Windows is freezing once in a while and takes a lot of time to load applications.
  2. Do you get the famous BSOD error (Blue Screen of Death) occurring without doing any hardware changes to the computer or installing any new drivers.
  3. Does your system restarts very often without any warnings?
  4. Does the computer takes a lot of time while you are trying to save any file?
  5. Do you see strange colors appearing on the monitor once in while?
  6. Do you read the beep codes which normally is a long beep while booting to Windows?

If you are experiencing one or more of any of the above mentioned factors then try to run a memory diagnostics. Windows has an inbuilt memory diagnostics tools which shall be accessed from the Administrative tools in the Control Panel. Once you have started the memory diagnostics, it will restart the computer and start running the test and report for any faulty memory issues. In case, you find any of the RAM to be faulty, try replacing them with a new one.

However, in case you have only one memory installed, try swapping the memory ports as the ports may also have gone faulty.

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