How to fix a faulty Ethernet connection?


How to fix a faulty Ethernet connection?

July 1, 2015

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Most of us have the tendency to yell or call some one immediately when our Ethernet connection is not working. But that’s not so complicated, you could try out a few simple steps to fix your connection by yourself instead of waiting for someone to attend. These steps may not fix your computer at all times, however it will help you to find the exact cause of the issue.

Fix Ethernet

If you are connected on a network check if the other computers on the network are able to connect to the Internet.

  1. If yes, check the Ethernet cable and the network interface card on your computer. You shall try to swap the Ethernet cable and try connecting to the Internet. Sometimes even a simple restart could do the job. Else check if the Network Interface Card on the Device Manager has any issues. In case you have tried updating the driver for the NIC, try reverting back to the old version or try a system restore. But remember that a restore could take away any changes that you have done to the computer recently.
  2. If none of the computers on the network works or in case its a stand alone computer, then check if the you receive an active data connection on your router or wireless modem. Normally the data lights glow in orange color and is blinking. If you are not seeing such activity, it could be a problem with your ISP. If that is working fine then try to restart your modem by pressing the power button on the rear side of the device.

If these steps takes you no where then give us a call and we will help you out with the Internet issue.

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