How to fix a typically slow computer?


How to fix a typically slow computer?

June 23, 2015

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You might be annoyed when your new computer which was working great till yesterday suddenly started being more sluggish. Computers may slow down because of a recent program or driver that you have installed, virus or malware attack, etc. We have formulated few steps which will help you to overcome the slow speed issue:

Slow Computer

Too Many startups

Computers loaded with too many startup items or services shall slow down the computer. As these items shall be running on the background would consume a lot of CPU power. Open up the task manager and check the processes that consume more space and try removing them. If the system is back to normal, try to find the related program and then try to remove the program from the computer. You may also open up start up utility by typing ‘msconfig’ on the run line and then disable unwanted startup items from the computer.

Roll Back

In case you have updated any new drivers to your computer for any of your hardware components, then it could be possibly the reason as it is incompatible with the computer. In this case right click the device in the device manager and then click on disable. Now check the performance of your computer, if it seems to be good, go to device properties and click on roll back driver to revert back to the previous version of the driver.

Revert Back

Most often it could be one of the recent changes that you have done to your computer, which could be the reason for the slow down. If you are aware of installing any new programs to your computer, you shall try uninstalling it from the control panel. In case, you do not know on what was the last change that you made, you then have an option to revert back to a previous date when your computer was working fine. But trying that shall remove all changes that are done to your computer recently and put back your computer to a day when it was working fine. If you are willing to try this out search for system restore and execute the program.

Virus or Malware Attack

The sudden slow down of a computer shall be due to a virus or malware attack. You shall open up the task manager and check for processes that are running on the background without a proper name or sometimes does not have a name at all. This could be a shortcut, but works most of the time. In case, you see any such malicious activity in the computer, then try out steps to find Malware attack and resolve it.

In case, none of these steps then feel free to email our support team for help.

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