How to fix an issue with the WiFi Connection?


How to fix an issue with the WiFi Connection?

July 9, 2015

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WiFi Internet connection are the most convenient when they work but when not working will become the most frustrating thing ever. However most of the time WiFi issues can be sorted by steps as simple as restarting the computer. Here are a few steps that you could do easily to fix the issue:

Fix WiFi Connection

  1. Check if you have turned on the WiFi button on your laptop.
  2. Shut down the computer and the WiFi router. Wait for a minute and then start the router first. Hold on for few more minutes and check to see if all the lights on the router is up and active. Now start the computer and turn on WiFi once you reach the desktop.
  3. Check if any other laptop or smart phones are able to connect to the network, if yes then the issue is only with the laptop.
  4. Check if the WiFi icon on the notification area is glowing green and says connected. Mostly it won’t. In both ways try disconnecting and connect to the right network with the proper password. (Remember the password is case sensitive.)
  5. Turn off Windows firewall and other Anti virus software running on the computer and try connecting again.
  6. Run windows diagnostics utility to fix any problems automatically.
  7. Try connecting the laptop with a Ethernet cable. If the Internet is still not working, then it could be the router or the ISP. In case, its working try reinstalling the driver for the wireless adapter.

If none of these steps works out, then do call our support team for help.

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