How to recover deleted Data in your computer?


How to recover deleted Data in your computer?

May 27, 2015
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Most users have the habit of clearing up files and folders only after they get dumped up on the desktop. This sometimes lead to unavoidable deletion of important files that the users may actually require. Are you a regular victim of unavoidable file deletion? Never mind, we have certain steps and solutions which could possibly help you to get your files back.

Data Restore

Recovering Data from Windows Computer:

If you simply select a file and then press delete to clear up the files from your computer, then your data will be safely sitting on the recycle bin. Unless you have cleared the recycle bin, it will store deleted files to a maximum of 250 MB. However, if the recycle bin is cleared or if you have pressed ‘shift + Delete’ to remove a file, then it will disappear from the computer.

Data once deleted is actually hidden from the GUI but not completely removed. The data is still recoverable until it is overwritten by a new file. But you may need third party software support to do this. Once example of such software is Recuva. You can download the free version of the software, install it and then run it. The software will scan your computer and show the deleted files as a list. Select the file that you have accidentally deleted and then click on recover. That’s it! You will have your files back.

Remember, that the sooner you try and using the recovery software after the deletion, the higher chances are that the file will be available.

Recovering Data from MAC:

If you have simply trashed a file and later realize that you have done it by mistake, you can recover it if you have not emptied the trash. All you need to do is open the trash folder and drag the file out. However, if you have emptied the trash, the files are still recoverable until it is overwritten.

You shall download software like Prosoft’s Data Rescue or Clever Files’ Disk Drill to recover trashed data. Run the free version and restore the files that have been accidentally deleted.

Note: If you are unable to recover data by any of the methods or software mentioned in the above article, then you shall call upon our support team at (614) 656 3066 for advanced data recovery.

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