How to setup dual monitors for your computer?


How to setup dual monitors for your computer?

June 11, 2015

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Multi Monitor setups means definite increase in productivity. More than two monitors shall make work even more convenient and efficient in many ways. Especially when comparing spreadsheets, doing research, managing multiple accounts on social media or subscriptions, etc.

So now taking in to account that you need two monitors to work on the same computer, we will explain you on how to do that. Before we begin with the tutorial, ensure that you have two monitors, two video cables and two video ports on your computers. A monitor shall be connected to a VGA, DVI or HDMI ports on your computer.

Dual Monitor Setup

  • By default all monitors are connected to the VGA port (Blue, 15 pins) or DVI port (white, 19 pins). In such cases connect the first monitor using the VGA cable and the second monitor using a DVI cable.
  • But if your computer did not have a DVI port, then check if it has a HDMI port. In that case connect the second monitor with the HDMI cable.
  • If your computer does not have both an HDMI or DVI port, then you shall have to purchase an USB to VGA card multi monitor adapter and then plug to any one of the USB ports in your computer. Then connect the second monitor to this external VGA port.
  • All inbuilt VGA, DVI and HDMI ports will have the drivers installed by your computer manufacturer. But if you have bought an external USB to VGA adapter then you may need to download and install the driver from the Internet.
  • After installing the drivers, restart your computer. The main monitor alone will only display the desktop.
  • Check for a new monitor icon on the system tray and then right click it. Choose Extend Desktop to and the select right or left as per your convenience. Now you will have an extension of your display on the second monitor. You can drag the windows between these two monitors based on your convenience of working.
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