We are experts in Corporate email.  We’re partners with Microsoft office 365 and google apps for business.  We can provide Exchange online email for $4 per employee per month using your own domain name.  Get rid of the free Gmail and email and use your domain name. Exchange email allows full syncing of mail, contacts, calendar, tasks between your computer, phone, tablet and more.  We can provide shared calendar access, conference room calendars, and even a contact list of all your customers you can share with all employees. We can keep all your emails safe and secure, with Exchange Online all emails are stored in the cloud and backed up so no need to worry about losing any emails.  We can assist in migration of all your mail to any new email system and keep you up and running.


Junk mail issues? Exchange Online already provides the best spam filtering built in to keep your important emails in the inbox and junk in the junk box.


Want to keep your email system while dealing with the spam? we can provide hosted or local spam protection, stopping the spam before you see it.  We know all about small business email issues and junk mail problems and can find a custom solution to block the junk.



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