Does your business want voicemails sent to your email?

Would you like to transfer your calls to your cellphone when you’re out of the office?

Want digital phones and the ability to add a Bluetooth headset?

With our IP based PBX phone systems, we can build a phone system that allows you to handle calls how you want to.  We can provide auto attendant, call forwarding to cell, voicemail to emails, Bluetooth headset support, all running on your existing network.  We are partners with  multiple phone service providers and can give your employees their own phone number (DID) at affordable rates so your customers are not waiting on hold to talk to your employees.   Have employees working from home? we can provide a home phone fully linked into the phone system, or have lines transfer to their cell phones.


Using IP PBX phone systems allows us to order you any phones you want on your system, want color screens, multiple lines, touchscreen, Bluetooth/headsets, video conferencing? We can provide it all with cost effective systems.  We can use multiple brands of phones including wifi phones or softphones to allow your employees to make/receive calls how they want to and not be forced to their desk. We can customize each phone with your business logo and employee names, eliminating those pieces of paper taped to the walls.  We can have phones show who’s on the phone and who’s available so the receptionist knows if the employee is on the phone, available, or out of the office instantly and not needing to place a customer on hold to see if they’re available.

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