Ten simple ways to keep your Data Safe


Ten simple ways to keep your Data Safe

April 28, 2015

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Data protection can cost more time and money for your company. Any software or program installed on your computer shall be reinstalled in case of failure or corrupt. But data once lost can slow down your progress and incur serious loss in business. So we have formulated ten ways in which you shall protect your data:

Data Security

  1. It is always good that you save your work once in a while. Also, many users fail to learn about the auto save features of the windows applications which may protect your data in case of sudden system failure or crash.
  2. It is a good practice to take a back up of your most important files once in while. Also create a duplicate copy of a file before you make any critical changes to them.
  3. It is always good that you run a scheduled back up of all your files outside your office using a cloud storage like Dropbox or using an external hard drive, which may protect your data in case of your computers damaged physically.
  4. As technology keeps updating year by year, it is always good to keep your backup data in the latest format required so as to retrieve without any issues.
  5. Viruses you know could be a potential threat to your data. You may to refer to one our previous articles to know how to save your computers from virus attacks.
  6. Malwares and worms may also be a potential threat to your data which especially get its entry through USB drives and other external media. So, please be sure to run a scan before you open any file from unknown devices.
  7. Use the encryption feature to prevent other users from accessing or editing your files. You may also restrict user accounts to have control over installing unauthorized software from your computers.
  8. Make sure you setup a strong password which includes alpha numerical characters and remember to change them once in a while. Most data theft happens from computers that are left unlocked without a password.
  9. Please read and analyze what a program could do before you provide access to your data on computer. As most programs today are online they may upload images and docs to the cloud storage without you realizing it.
  10. Also, remember to run a system scan and do a defragmentation on your hard drive to keep it live.
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