What to do if you computer does not boot?


What to do if you computer does not boot?

June 26, 2015
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Do not panic or go to the extent of quitting to work if your computer does not boot. The issue could be as simple that you could fix it all yourself, even if its not our team is there to help you out. But you can try these worthy steps before giving us a call:

Is the Display Working?

The first thing that you should see is that if your monitor displays anything or not. If its not, try out the steps below, else jump to step 2.

1. Check the Power Supply

It could be power socket or the power cable that is faulty. You could confirm that plugging a different device, may be a charger to check the socket. If its good, then check the cable. Try using a different cable from a different device to ensure its good. If all is good then check if your computer starts when you hit the power button. All computers will have a led indicators to confirm that. Also you could feel the fan running inside the computer. If you have not felt any of these, then it could be the SMPS which is faulty. Please be in touch with the support team.

3. Check for External Devices

An incompatible hardware driver sometimes may not allow you to boot to windows. But in this case, you shall see the monitor displaying the BIOS screen and the restarting without taking you to the Windows. Here, you shall try to remove all unwanted hardware items (including the Internet cable) from the computer and have only the basic devices like the mouse and the keyboard.

4. Boot to Safe Mode

Press F8 after the BIOS screen and check if you are able to boot to see the advanced boot options. Choose safe mode and then press enter. In case, you are now able to view the Windows screen, then it could be a recent hardware or software change that you made to the computer which is the reason for the boot failure. If that is the case run a system restore from the safe mode to revert back to the old settings when the computer was working fine.

If the issue still exists, then contact our support team to fix the issue for you.

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