What to do if your Microsoft Outlook isn’t working?


What to do if your Microsoft Outlook isn’t working?

April 23, 2015

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Being a pioneer as an Email client, Microsoft Outlook has been the key software used and appreciated by every small business owner. However, there may be a few circumstances when you really did not know what’s happening with your Outlook program. You may sometimes be annoyed seeing those error messages while sending or receiving the emails. Here are a few workarounds that you shall try before calling your tech support:

Outlook Not Working

Check your Internet connection:

Please check if your system is having an active Internet connection. In case, you are unable to access the web using your Internet browser, then problem could be with your Internet connection settings itself.

Check if Outlook is set to Offline Mode:

Most often, the problem could be simply because you have set your Outlook to work in offline mode knowingly or unknowingly. In case of Outlook version 2007, click on file menu and see if the Work Offline mode has a tick besides it and the same is available in the Send/Receive Tab in Outlook 2010.

A Simple Restart

Issues with Outlook are most likely to get resolved after you simply restart Microsoft Outlook program. In case, if its still a no go, then you shall try restarting your computer itself and then try connecting again.

Rebuild Outlook Data files

Outlook may use any of the two types of data files namely .pst and .ost which when corrupt may not allow outlook to work properly. You can rebuild these files with the following steps:

  • Close Outlook and Open the mail icon from the control panel.
  • Select your data file from the data files tab and click on open file location.
  • Locate your data file which will resemble your email address and rename the .ost extension to .old and close all these windows and repoen outlook again.
  • In case of your file extension being .pst, search for scanpst.exe in your windows explorer and run the application.
  • Click Browse and locate your .pst file and start the scan.
  • If the .pst file is corrupt, then windows will prompt you to repair the file.
  • Once the repair is complete close all windows and reopen outlook.

Run a Repair Install

You shall run a repair installation of MS Office by selecting the program from the ‘Programs and Features’ option in the control panel. Select MS Office, click on change and then select repair to execute the repair and then reboot the computer.

Create a new Profile

One last chance is that your outlook profile may be corrupt and you shall create a new one. Open Mail from the control panel and click add from the show profiles option and follow the outlook setup wizard.

If the problem still exists feel free to contact our tech support agents at (614)-656-3066.

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